Types of Damages In A Personal Injury Case

If you’re injured in an accident, you could be left with massive medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses that shouldn’t be your responsibility. As a result, you may want to file a personal injury lawsuit. You, the plaintiff, can hold the negligent person or business accountable and get the compensation you deserve and need.

You may be wondering how much your personal injury case is worth.  The value of your case depends on a few key factors: the circumstances of your accident, the severity of your injuries, and limits on insurance coverage, among other things.

There are several different types of damages you could receive in a personal injury lawsuit, some of which are tied to specific costs incurred in the aftermath of an injury, and others which are more subjective. Below is a list of some of the compensation for damages in a personal injury lawsuit.

Medical Bills – Many of those involved in a personal injury accident need to seek medical care for their injuries, which can include tests, treatment, hospital stays, and outpatient care to address immediate injuries.

Lost Wages – You may be entitled to compensation for lost wages in the event you needed to miss work following your injury, for doctors appointments as a result of your injury, or you can no longer work at all.

Pain and Suffering – This compensation is calculated and awarded based on the level of the pain and suffering you’ve endured.

Emotional Distress – This type of compensation is related to an injured person’s mental and emotional state following an accident.

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