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When You Should Hire a Probate Attorney

Many families and estate executors turn to a lawyer to handle any probate (the court process by which estates get settled) when issues arise during the sometimes lengthy and complicated process of settling an estate.

While some people do try to handle the legal matters of an estate themselves, there are a number of circumstances when it would be best to have a probate attorney in Fairmount, WV, by your side. No state requires an estate executor to use a lawyer to probate an estate, but probate can be complicated, and you can be personally liable if you do something wrong.

To determine whether or not you should hire a probate attorney, ask yourself these questions:

  • Can the deceased person’s assets be transferred outside of probate?
  • Does the estate qualify for your state’s simple “small estate” procedures?
  • Are family members getting along?
  • Does the estate contain only common assets, like a house, bank or brokerage accounts, vehicles, and household goods?
  • Does the estate contain a business or other complicated assets?
  • Will the estate owe either state or federal estate tax?
  • Is there enough money in the estate to pay debts?

You may prefer to hire a probate attorney to handle all of your estate dealings, while others may choose to have a probate attorney to consult with, get advice from, or to review documents you have prepared. If you’re unsure about the probate process, it’s best to hire the experienced team of associates at the Miller Law Offices. Call us today at 304-366-0822 for a free consultation.

Hiring An Experienced Oil and Gas Law Firm

If you’re looking for an experienced oil and gas attorney in West Virginia, the Miller Law Offices have the vast knowledge and experience you want representing you. Oil and gas law is a complex area of law that governs oil and gas production and requires a firm of associates with detailed knowledge of the state and federal rules that govern harvesting oil and gas to oversee your oil and gas interests.

The Miller Law Offices represent individuals and entities who are involved in all aspects of oil and gas production, drilling, and disputes that require litigation. We’re prepared to assist oil and gas operators, royalty owners, working interest owners, lessees, and lessors in legal matters as well as litigation related to the petroleum industry.

We understand oil and gas law is critical to helping oil and gas companies do business, and we’re here to help navigate the process and ensure fair and beneficial terms on your behalf. Our lawyers in Fairmont, WV, are ready to assist you with the following legal matters in the oil and gas industry:

  • Leasing or selling your minerals
  • Oil and gas title examinations
  • Oil and gas easements
  • Oil and gas disputes

To schedule a legal consultation to discuss your oil and gas needs, contact our offices at 304-366-0822 today.